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Microsoft Edge Browser For iOS And Android Users Released In Beta

NetMarketShare published statistics of the web browsers market share for the month of September revealing that Microsoft Edge once again collapsed and Google Chrome is still the leading browser. On Thursday, Microsoft announced in a blog post that Microsoft Edge browser will be available for iOS and Android devices. The Redmond giant has added "Continue on PC" feature to it which will allow users to conveniently send an image or link from their phone to Windows 10 PC. However over the past few years with the rise of Android and the failure of Windows Mobile devices, Microsoft realized that software, which is their core strength, should be present on more platforms. Microsoft Edge is a web browser that will allow you to seamlessly transfer from your smartphone to your laptop or computer. Moreover, Microsoft also launched the Microsoft Launcher for Android in public preview.

Microsoft largely missed the boat on mobile and although it offers a mobile version of Windows 10, the company has shifted its focus onto delivering apps and services to as many devices as possible, regardless of platform. The app formerly known as Arrow Launcher was a product of the Microsoft Garage, which has since come out with a number of Android apps. The web browser is now in preview for iOS and will be coming to Android soon. The app will bring features like Favorites, Reading List, New Tab Page and Reading View.

As part of Microsoft's recent Skype overhaul, it changed how the app handled the online status of users.

At the current moment, there is already a launcher from the company on the Play Store which you can download now. However more languages and functions will be added as the preview expands. In addition, the previews aren't available yet for iPads and Android tablets. The launcher is based on Microsoft's Fluent Design and is customisable.

Essentially, if you are browsing some page on your phone and want to carry it over to the PC from the spot you left, you will be able to do that by simply choosing the "Continue to PC" option.

Besides, those who are on the Arrow Launcher beta will automatically get the Microsoft Launcher. The launcher comes with a feed like Google Now that shows top news, events of the day, and most used apps.

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